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Harmony Friends

The world needs more harmony.


On this page we want to acknowledge and give space to some of the people and projects which share the same values as ourselves. 

Silent Space

In a world where non-stop communication is the norm, how often do we allow ourselves time to be silent in nature – to really connect with ourselves and with the rest of the natural world? 


Silent Space is a registered charity that encourages parks and gardens open to the public to reserve an area where visitors can reflect silently.  Rather like the quiet carriage on a train, the people in the space are silent while the sounds of the garden continue around them.


The charity began with a successful pilot in 2016 and has been growing steadily ever since.  There are now almost 70 places involved in the UK, New Zealand and Australia. Organisations working with us include universities, museums, schools, National Trust and independent gardens.

The Harmony Project

The Harmony Project aims to transform education to ensure it is fit for purpose in preparing young people for the 21st century, not just to pass exams. It works with teachers and other educators to re-frame learning around natural laws and principles which show the world as an interdependent whole.


Its approach helps young people to understand the world in which they find themselves and to develop the skills they need to live in more sustainable ways.

Year 2 Beekeeping.jpeg

The Harmony Project envisions a way of learning to live that is based upon a deep understanding of – and connection with – the natural world. It works with educators to help them put Nature’s principles of Harmony at the heart of teaching and learning. When education is structured in this way, students are better placed to develop a more connected, holistic way of seeing and understanding the world, and our place in it.

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